Why we match up


  • You want flexible pools of talent that offer deep understanding
  • We want to work with serious minded mavericks
  • You want idea generators and implementers, not a maze of infrastructure
  • We like decision makers who know a good idea when they see it
  • You want fast turnaround and value for money
  • We work best with clients who love and protect brands - just like we do


The ICONIC Group is an environment where a family of experienced specialists share their expertise and talent without fear of restriction. A place where strategic communication interventions are developed and nurtured for the good of our clients, employees and our business. 


As owners of individual companies with broad based backgrounds in communications, we have teams of designers, creatives, writers, project managers and strategic planners who offer knowledge, credibility and delivery.

Group Structure

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Some of our Clients

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What our staff say about us

“What is important is that we understand how we do things around here. Nothing fancy and pretentious, just solid and creative thinking translated through hard work into real things that matter to clients and ourselves”